Vegetable Dish Sponge Loofah

Vegetable Dish Sponge Loofah

OFFICINA NATURAE - Vegetable Dish Sponge Loofah

The Natural Loofah Dish Sponge by Officina Naturae is a great plastic-free alternative to traditional washing up sponges! It is 100% vegetarian, therefore, plastic-free and compostable! 100% Italian, this sponge ensures maximum hygiene. Soft but efficient against the dirt, it does not scratch! 

  • Made in Italy from pumpkin (planted in organic Italian farming) is a limited product, available in autumn depending on the climatic variation! 
  • Vegan, compostable and plastic-free

Wet it and brush it on the top surface of a solid washing-up detergent or apply a few drops of a traditional liquid washing up, then do the washing up as normal. 


Officina Naturae is an Italian eco-conscious brand founded by a group of critical consumers. Their products are efficient and safe for human beings (including babies!) and the environment. With an aim of creating very low environmental impact and excellence in production, they have been minimizing energy waste as much as possible and have been avoiding the emission of pollutants throughout the lifecycle of their products, as regards both formulations and packaging.

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