Reusable Bottle Bag

Reusable Bottle Bag
Reusable Bottle Bag

TABITHA EVE - Reusable Bottle Bag

Handmade, eco-friendly, plastic-free bottle bags, ideal for those aspiring to a zero-waste lifestyle and seeking an alternative to disposable wrapping paper! A much more eco-friendly version than disposable bottle bags or wrapping paper, which are often not recyclable. Biodegradable, washable, reusable! Your friends and family can pass them on to their own friends once they've unwrapped their present! 

  • Made from 100% cotton with organic cotton tape. 
  • 34cm x 17cm approximately. Will fit all regular wine and champagne bottles!
  • Can be laundered with a normal load on cool and hung to dry.

Tabitha Eve is a UK-based that specialises in creating handmade, reusable products that help you easily live a more eco-friendly and zero-waste lifestyle. With a mission to provide sustainable alternatives to single-use household items and the ultimate goal to make it the norm for everyone to buy reusable! As a company, they aim to strike a balance between sourcing the most ethically produced raw materials and providing excellent quality items that are made to last.

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