Repairing Hand Cream 75ml

Repairing Hand Cream 75ml

BIOPUROMED - Repairing Hand Cream 75ml

The hand cream provides intensive hydration and a pleasant skin feel without the feeling of tightness. Its rich formula contains organic active ingredients such as aloe, glycerin, allantoin, centella, chamomile, ginseng, jojoba and sunflower that promotes the regeneration process of the skin's protective barrier. In addition, the cream restores natural suppleness. 

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • With organic active ingredients for effective skincare
  • Restores natural suppleness and promotes regeneration of the skin's protective barrier

Massage onto the hands as needed.


Based in Tuscany, BioPuroMed is a trademark of Nivel SRL, produces sanitizers with organic certification and with 75% alcohol for the prevention of COVID-19 and in compliance with the principles of environmental compatibility and social equity with a belief that living in a sustainable way is a choice made of daily gestures. Their goal is to leave a healthier world and a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for future generations.

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