Natural Laundry Brush

Natural Laundry Brush

OFFICINA NATURAE - Natural Laundry Brush

How was the laundry done before the washing machine arrived? Our grandmothers went to the washhouse, or they armed themselves with a tub, a table, a soap or lye made from ash, a washing brush and... elbow grease! Why not take advantage of their experience? We learned from them that perfect laundry is obtained thanks to the mechanical action of washing.

  • Made in Italy from waxed beechwood and vegetable fibres from Tampico, it allows you to effortlessly wash away stubborn dirt from fabrics.
  • Vegan and plastic-free

Use as needed for scrubbing laundry by hand or pre-treating fabrics with stubborn dirt before washing them in the washing machine.


Officina Naturae is an Italian eco-conscious brand founded by a group of critical consumers. Their products are efficient and safe for human beings (including babies!) and the environment. With an aim of creating very low environmental impact and excellence in production, they have been minimizing energy waste as much as possible and have been avoiding the emission of pollutants throughout the lifecycle of their products, as regards both formulations and packaging.

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