Mouthwash Tablets ( Jar of 250)

Mouthwash Tablets ( Jar of 250)
Mouthwash Tablets ( Jar of 250)
Mouthwash Tablets ( Jar of 250)

KALAI DOH - Mouthwash Tablets (Jar of 250)

Mouthwash reinvented. The only all-natural, plastic-free way to replace the mouth-burning fluorescent blue liquid you've used your whole life. Drop it in water and watch the magic happen while you brush.

  • A refreshing mouthwash that effervesces while you brush
  • Produced in the UK
  • Contains ±250 tablets, or four months’ worth
  • Ingredients include Sodium Bicarbonate, Tartaric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Approved Natural Colouring, Menthol, Thymol, Saccharin, Approved Natural Flavouring (spearmint). All ingredients are non-hazardous at the levels of inclusion.

Drop 1 tablet in a little water, watch it fizz, gargle and spit.


DoH (Department of Hygiene) is a London-based rand founded by two brothers frustrated with the lack of well-designed sustainable alternatives to personal care products. DoH's mission is to shift the mindset of consumers around their habits when it comes to single-use plastic and other unnecessary ingredients commonly found in our daily routines.

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