Limescale Remover 750ml

Limescale Remover 750ml

ALMACABIO - Limescale Remover 750ml

Thanks to its special composition, this eco-friendly descaler removes limescale from all kinds of surfaces that come into contact with water.

  • It is free from phosphor, phosphates, enzymes, preservatives and animal-derived ingredients
  • Ideal for cleaning tiles, showers, washbasins, glass and metal surfaces

All surfactants and solvents, easily, quickly and completely biodegradable, are exclusively plant-based. All ingredients are permissible, eco-friendly and biocompatible in accordance with Bio C.E.Q. guidelines.

  • Spray on the surface to be treated, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse.
  • Not suitable for materials that are sensitive to an acidic pH value.

Almacabio creates eco-bio-compatible products for household cleaning and body care. They've been doing it with the utmost transparency, since 1974, by following strict criteria that guarantee the quality of all our products. Almacabio has been the pioneer in eco-bio-compatible detergency, contributing to a positive impact on the environment and on the lives of people surrounding them.

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