Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner

Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner

SOLARA - Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner

Where do you keep your household cleaners? Go and look in your closet or under the sink, count how many there are... too many and little space! There is no need to have many detergents, just a few are enough, especially if you choose detergents that can be used for more than one function, such as our Concentrated Solara All-Purpose Cleaner!

  • Hydrogen Peroxide gives whitening, sanitizing & antibacterial cleaning
  • Canolamidopropyl Betaine gives a sweet surfactant from Italian Brassica carinata
  • Pinus Sylvestris Leaf Oil adds a natural scent from Sylvester pine essential oil
  • Ingredients include Aqua, Alcohol, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Coco-glucoside, Hydrogen Peroxide, Canolamidopropyl Betaine**, Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate, Citric Acid, Pinus Sylvestris Leaf Oil*, Limonene.
  • Bottle made from bioplastic made from sugar cane processing: a completely renewable resource plastic, with reduced CO2 emissions during processing.

It is an active oxygen detergent, with which you can really clean a thousand washable surfaces. Excellent for washing tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, for sanitary hygiene, for washing floors of different types (ceramic, stoneware, terracotta, painted parquet, polished marble). Furthermore, with this product, you can get a homemade glass cleaner in a few steps, which will also be useful for removing the patina of dirt that settles every day on hobs, mirrors, fixtures and doors (we explain it in the how to use). 

Solara Universal Detergent is formulated with surfactants derived from raw materials of Italian vegetable origin. Thanks to the presence of alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, it thoroughly cleans and degreases. Used pure or diluted at 50%, thanks to the presence of alcohol and hydrogen peroxide it perfectly sanitizes, used pure or diluted at 50%, it cleans thoroughly and degreases. 

  • Very little quantity is needed due to its high concentration.
  • To wash floors and large surfaces, optimize waste and dilute 15 ml of product in 5 litres of water. There is no need to rinse.
  • For small washable surfaces, you can dilute it to 50%. While, for stubborn dirt, use it purely with the help of a sponge and rinse.
  • On delicate surfaces, test the product in a hidden corner first.

Selecting what to use to clean the house or to wash the clothes is a choice that you make every day, multiple times a day, and it can change the world! Why? Because you can opt for 0 km natural detergents, reducing the distance covered by raw materials. All of Solara's house detergents are formulated with Italian vegetable oils, limiting the use of Coconut oil. Therefore, plantation, production, and transportation have a low impact on the environment!





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