Bamboo Toothbrush With Case

Bamboo Toothbrush With Case
Bamboo Toothbrush With Case

KALAI DOH - Bamboo Toothbrush With Case

If you’re still using a plastic toothbrush, it’s time that you switch to a bamboo one instead. Over a billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year, creating over 50 million pounds of waste that frequently ends up in our oceans. 

  • Made from pure polished bamboo, this toothbrush is perfect for everyday use. The sustainable handle is 100% biodegradable and the BPA, toxic-free charcoal bristles can be easily-recycled. It’s vegan and antibacterial, and it keeps your teeth clean.
  • Comes with a protective case, making it long-lasting and ideal to travel with.
  • 100% Bamboo / Bristles: 62% Castor oil, 38% Nylon

DoH (Department of Hygiene) is a London-based rand founded by two brothers frustrated with the lack of well-designed sustainable alternatives to personal care products. DoH's mission is to shift the mindset of consumers around their habts when it comes to single-use plastic and other unnecessary ingredients commonly found in our daily routines.

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