About Us

Evakind is the premium online shopping destination in the UAE offering zero-waste, sustainable and eco-friendly products for everyday use. We source our exclusive selection of beauty, homeware and cleaning products largely from Europe, ensuring they meet our environmental and quality standards to empower our eco-conscious shoppers (that’s you - you’re amazing) in making a real difference, guilt- and fuss-free. From organic and cruelty-free products to reduced, recyclable and/or compostable packaging, we’re committed to helping you go green as part of your daily routine!

A rose by any other name

Our name is both a celebration of the natural world and a powerful call to action for a better future where humanity is ‘forever kinder’ to our environment. Eva, meaning mother of life, reminds us of the Mother Earth we all share, as well as the strength of caring, kindness and compassion, which is often represented in the feminine.

From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow

Created by our founder  Sladjana, the idea for Evakind began growing alongside Sladjana’s baby bump, when she was pregnant with her first child. 

“As someone who's cared about green living and sustainability all my life, when I was pregnant I decided to take things to the next level, ditching all chemical cleaning products, plastic and unsustainable materials from our home,” says Sladjana. “When I started looking to replace them with green alternatives, I realised that affordable eco-friendly products weren’t easy to come by in Dubai, and those that I could find were made by large international brands, not small businesses.” Now, Sladjana on a mission to change all that.

Buy Better, Live Well

Evakind aims to not only sell eco products - promoting start-ups and small companies in the process - but also to create a platform sharing initiatives, tips, hacks and research on green living. We believe that once we show just how easy it is to make a few small adjustments that benefit ourselves and the planet, more and more people will choose to embrace a sustainable lifestyle - to buy better, and live well.