Commercial detergents are toxic, filled with chemicals and could be causing a long-term damage to your family health.

It’s Time to Remove Harmful Chemicals from your Home!

Cheap industrial detergents are a mixture of synthetic chemicals and additives. Apart from being toxic and dangerous for our health, they are also non-bio gradable and contaminate our oceans and  rivers with heavy metals. Studies have shown that phosphates, a common ingredient in detergents is causing big algal blooms that can starve fish and other plant life of oxygen.

In addition, chemicals found in commercial detergents are asthma and allergy triggers and should be entirely excluded from the home environment.




What Makes A Detergent Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly can mean many things, but normally these detergents are made with non-toxic and natural ingredients. They are certified by the government or an independent agency and they feature only natural coloring and fragrance.

Ecological cleaners normally are:

  • Phosphate free
  • Made of organically grown ingredients using sustainable farming methods
  • Artificial fragrances and colors free
  • Chlorine free
  • Biodegradable

Very often organic cleaning companies certify their product as fair trade , which means that they adhere to certain labor and environmental standards; but sometimes green products are NOT free of harmful chemicals.

Always Read Labels!

To understand how green is the cleaning product, read the label. Some gray areas were reported when it comes to comparing eco-friendly with commercial cleaning products:

  • If a product has “environmentally friendly” and “non-toxic” labels but it is not regulated, it may also have unhealthy ingredients
  • When it comes to effectively killing germs and stopping the spread of infection, it is vital to have a product that cleans and disinfects
  • Green cleaning items can cost more than traditional cleaning products



All EVAKIND Cleaning Products are AIAB Certified - Why is This Important?

The standard Clean Detergency has been created by AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture) to certify those detergent as less polluting and harmful as possible to health, in addition to effectively perform their washing function.

These categories are part of the certified products:

  • household cleaning detergents;
  • dish detergents;
  • detergents for washing clothes.

 To be AIAB certified a product:

  • must be made by individually approved raw materials that come as far as possible from organic farming;
  • must be effective and subjected to severe washing tests;
  • should not be harmful to the health of the user and must be subjected to strict dermatological tests;
  • must have the lowest possible environmental impact, both in terms of pollution and in the production process itself.